GMO Tobacco is Franken-smoke! What are you turning into?

GMO “franken-smoke” tobacco is designed specifically to kill viruses, weeds, insects, and humans that consume cigarette profits. Genetically modified plants are indeed dangerous because their genetic makeup is modified in a way that would NEVER occur under natural conditions, therefore, it cannot be assumed that a given GM plant will act exactly the same in the environment as the conventional crop it was derived from. This goes for GM corn, GM soy, GM canola, GM cotton, GM sugar beets, GM alfalfa, and of course, GM Tobacco. Nobody ever talks about it. Let’s talk about it.

“GMO Compass” – is a front site for Big Tobacco (GMO/Biotech). Pushing chemicals as “conventional breeding techniques” is never “safe” or “beneficial” and is not even close to the same thing as conventional, but now they mix the two – and after reading for just a few paragraphs you can tell these are some of the greatest HUCKSTERS on planet earth. They sell people their own demise, and they’re good at it.

Biotech GM tobacco is just stronger pesticides as “Franken-smoke” for lung and throat cancer

What better way for Big Tobacco to make MORE money than to make the pesticide content more intense and loaded with new chemicals in cigarettes, driving the smokers straight to doctors who prescribe “psychotherapeutic” and psychotropic (suicide-enhancing) chemical drugs that block your serotonin uptake (SSRI) or contain the same contents as crystal meth.

Let’s break it down …

Three types of GM tobacco growing in fields of USA:

#1. Virus Resistant: Biotech and Big Tobacco will tell you here that virus resistance is an important goal for crop improvement, and maybe that is true, if you can fight viruses with natural solutions, but to infuse chemicals known to cause cancer, Alzheimer’s and other known diseases, from cell and blood disorders to central nervous system malfunctions – this is all beyond science, it’s evil. It’s wild experimentation with toxins to see what staves off weeds and bugs, all while decimating human, animal and environmental health. They’ll even call it sustainable, just to use the words of organic farmers–again, attempting to “breed” confusion (pardon the multiple puns).

#2. Herbicide Resistant: This is the MOST COMMON TYPE OF TOXIN used on Planet Earth. Herbicide resistance is BY FAR the most infused GM trait in all of commercial agriculture. Biotech and Big Tobacco will tell you here that the new weed “control” system is “complementary” and “non-selective,” meaning it interrupts all sensitive plants’ essential metabolic activity. Now what do you think it does to humans? Screws up your essential metabolic activity. The crop literally contains a new gene and sometimes switches off existing genes. Roundup Ready (glyphosate is the active ingredient here) and LibertyLink (glufosinate is the active ingredient here). Non-selective further means these weed-killer containing plants don’t just target certain plants, they target them ALL.

Then, when those killer weeds become immune to the GM killer crops, those GM crops are OVERTAKEN by the new superweeds, and farmers end up using up to TEN TIMES the amount of toxic Roundup and LibertyLink to fight back and survive as farmers at all. This is a vicious cycle for Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, Dupont, BASF, Syngenta and Cargill, the real “dons” or cartel of the chemical-agricultural industry spawned by the Nazi Scientists collusion with US Big Pharma after WWII.

GM Tobacco Herbicide Resistant Research – It’s Frankensmoke!

 franknsmoke (2)

Reducing nicotine content, resistance to viruses – called molecular “pharming” – which is a slick and evil way to say they are using chemical pharmaceuticals to brew the tobacco seeds with potent chemicals to kill weeds, bugs, and the human smokers, chewers and snuffers.

Field trails (in USA) more than 350 and counting. One was approved and cultivated. This GM tobacco is currently on the market. There has been altered composition of the component compounds. Marketed under the name “Quest” – called innovative where they claim the enzyme essential to nicotine formation is blocked and Quest is resistant to pathogens, viruses, and fungi – including the tobacco “mosaic virus” TMV. They claim this GM tobacco adapts to factors of climate and location and is also resistant to drought and to cold, having been made from pharmaceutical compounds. Wow! It’s wonder weed tobacco and you can’t kill it! Amazing. Again, what does this do to humans who smoke it?

Tobacco is easily genetically modified. Since tobacco is not sold as food or feed (for animals), there are no regulations regarding its active compounds, the chemical combinations, because they’re not worried about it “mixing with food or feed.” Really? Ever heard of runoff? Irrigation? Water aquifers? Rivers? Evaporation and rain? Bugs traveling? Adjacent farms? For Biotech, tobacco is the perfect “model plant” used for testing new procedures, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, pathogens, and carcinogens, etc, because who can complain? The CDC already told everybody cigarettes cause cancer. What more do you need to know?

Do you care when the TOXIC TOBACCO flowers?

Do you care when the TOXIC TOBACCO absorbs nitrogen?

Do you care that the TOXIC TOBACCO retards wilting of leaves?

Do you care if the TOXIC TOBACCO suppresses the formation of ethylene, retarding the ripening and added to time of storage?

This is ALL biotech and big tobacco care about. The bottom line. Cash. Capital. Meanwhile, 42 million Americans are hooked on ammonia-and-pesticide-laced GM tobacco and slowly dying of throat and lung cancer. Field trials have been run since 1985 and ran through at least 2010. France, UK, Spain, Italy and Germany do it to, they GM the tobacco. They use “molecular pharming” – altering the contents of natural tobacco with dangerous pharmaceutical insecticides and pharmaceutical-grade herbicides that affect MALE STERILITY. This is part of population control also.

#3. Insect Resistant: Biotech and Big Tobacco will tell you here that “transgenic” plants need chemicals to kill the bugs that eat them, like with GM maize and cotton. The corn toxin called Bt is an attempt to kill the root worm beetles that consume more than 1/3rd of all US corn. It’s gotten worse since the introduction of this GM failure. These are NOT chemicals approved for organic farming, as they might have you believe. Many laboratories use Bt (bacillus thuringiensis) in rice and apples to kill insects. NO long term tests have been run on humans that eat Bt, but independent scientists show it causes horrific cancer tumors in lab rats and kills them before they’ve lived 1/4th of their lifespan, which is usually about 2 years. These rats died in 2 to 3 months.

Molecular farming means using plants as chemical factories to kill insects and weeds. Field trials of these crops are NOT controllable. Pollen can float in wind, wash in water or be carried by insects for hundreds of miles.

Deconstructing the massively distorted, fabricated “World Scientific Consensus” on “GMO Safety”

The consensus on GMO is that there is no consensus! There are no valid GMO safety science studies or research because the ones made visible, whether on websites or a few cherry-picked peer-review articles, are funded by Monsanto. The US Right-to-Know group dredged up thousands of documents exposing via email that biotechnology or “agrichemical” industry heads at Monsanto recruited and “enlisted,” via their PR firm Ketchum, a couple dozen hacks, shills, charlatans and hucksters to reiterate and regurgitate industry-written propaganda. These documents verify the behind-the-scenes collusion of the biotech industry with paid-for hack science to sell Americans dangerous, experimental food, drinks, and even GM tobacco, knowingly.

They push GMO safety and quote sources, documents, books and “peer-reviewed” articles that don’t exist, and they claim everything they say is backed by scientific research. Jon Entine, former writer for, is the leader of the hack pack that writes the most convincing jargon (1) to influence the public, scientists, promoters, council members and even Congress. Along with Dr. Kevin Folta of University of Florida, the proof of fraud and negligence of safety concerns is more than evident. (2)

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Mainstream sources dating back to 2010:

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